Nathalie Chapron - Enlightened Beauty Live Experience
Nathalie Chapron
Attention Female Speakers, Workshop Leaders & Authors who are here to make a difference in the world…
Feel Like Your Image Doesn’t Match the True Brilliance Inside of YOU? Get READY to feel the confidence, radiance and power you need to shine on any stage, attract high-paying clients you love & uplevel your brand, with ease!

In one life-changing weekend, I’ll show you how to align your inner and outer beauty so you show up fully as the exquisite, radiant and powerful woman you truly are!
As a woman leader, do you find yourself:
•    Looking at your closet full of clothes thinking, “I have NOTHING to wear!” 
•    Avoiding shopping because you hate it - You spend hours looking but never
     find anything you REALLY love

•    Frustrated that you have a big event coming up and have no idea what to wear
     to wow your audience

•    Wishing you knew exactly what style is best for you
•    Settling on comfortable, professional and practical outfits that feels, “good
I say, “Enough with good enough!”
You want to show up as the brilliant, powerful and dynamic woman you are in any situation!

You want to show up in something exquisite, phenomenal, divine, inspiring! Not “good enough”!

Hello, my name is Nathalie Chapron, and I help women speakers to look amazing, feel confident, appreciate their own unique beauty and discover their own personal branded style. My clients have confidence and certainty so they turn heads when they walk in a room. That magnetism attracts the right high-end clients to them and has them show up in the world in their full radiance and grace. Most importantly, their audience engages with them immediately, from the first moment they step on the stage.
You deserve to let your radiance shine, with ease… Are you ready to experience these kinds of results? One of my clients scores an interview for a magazine...
and a regular spot on a TV show...
I am not showing you this to brag, but for TWO VERY IMPORTANT REASONS
One, I wanted to get your attention! And two, I wanted you to suspend your disbelief!

You may be asking, “Can image really matter that much?”

Can you really make more money and be more successful JUST by changing the way you dress?

You may be feeling skeptical and I imagine you might even be feeling scared about how to do that. Guess what? That's normal!

Let me tell you something funny. A few years ago, when I first became interested in up-leveling my image, I didn't believe I needed much help. In fact, I thought I was doing pretty well. But one day, during a training on how to become a more effective speaker, I got hit with a cold dose of reality. We did an exercise where my peers “evaluated” me as earning about $25-$30/ hour. This floored me, because at that time, my rates were $100-$150/ hour, and I was struggling to get clients…Then it hit me.

There was a huge disconnect between my perception of myself and how others judged me (my “perceived value”).

It wasn’t until I learned to bridge that gap and increase my “perceived value” through my own image that everything turned around for me and now I have 5 figures day...often!

I am so glad I decided to make the investment! And you will be too!
As you can see, increasing your perceived value
very fast is possible - and it's
simpler and easier than you imagine -
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Enlightened Beauty

Live Experience



So, do I have your attention now? Then let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I’m so sure I can help you get started to create a personal branded style you’ll LOVE!

Nathalie ChapronI was born and raised in France… the “Fashion Capital of the World.” But until a few years ago, I felt much the same way you do today. I was unhappy with the way I looked in pictures and on video. I obsessed over what I perceived as physical “flaws” and criticized myself every single day.

And even though I grew up in such a fashion-rich setting, I couldn’t embrace my own personal style and stand out from the crowd. Instead, I “hid” by making clothing choices that blended in and made me… well, invisible.

A few years ago, though, I experienced a remarkable personal transformation… a freeing, empowering experience that felt like I finally shed a cocoon! It’s difficult to put the complete sense of liberation I felt into words… but suffice it to say it was completely life-changing!

As I looked around, I began to notice that women everywhere were bound by the same self-limitations that had kept me invisible for most of my life. I saw the potential in these beautiful, talented, amazing women… even if they didn’t see it in themselves. And I committed to helping dynamic, deeply creative women – just like you – claim their confidence and embrace their own beauty!
That’s why I’ve created the “Enlightened Beauty Live Experience,” a magical 3-day event where you'll awaken your TRUE radiance, beauty & feminine power.

I’ve designed this transformational weekend to empower you to:

• Create a wardrobe that is a physical reflection of your unique personal essence!

• Develop a personal branded style that makes you feel radiant, energized, successful and confident!

• Use your style to keep the focus on YOU when you’re presenting on stage, in the boardroom, or at a workshop!

Create an image that positions you for success in your own mind before you ever leave the house (and in the mind of your potential clients and partners).

Embrace the beautiful, unique, powerful woman that you truly are!

And I can tell you from experience that when you embrace your ideal, most authentic image and dress you in your "essence"… your life dramatically changes for the better!

Just take a look at what exceptional women just like you have said about working with me...
“I work with 1000's of Speakers and Experts all around the world, helping them to attract a flood of high paying clients using speaking. Stage presence is essential for Speakers and Experts' success. When you're in alignment with your essence, you get instant credibility, people trust you and they say YES to working with you. I refer all my clients to Nathalie for an "Enlightened Beauty" makeover. The before & after transformations are incredible... and best of all, is the internal transformations... I see my clients embracing who they really are and loving themselves at a whole new level after working with Nathalie.

Oh and BTW, not all image consultants are created equal. The average image consultant uses around 100 colors... Nathalie uses over 30,000 colors and color is just ONE level of her 9 Step System. Once you work with Nathalie, you'll get compliments everywhere you go, clients will flock to you like bees to honey and you'll enjoy living on purpose, fulfilling your potential and making the difference you're called to make.

For those experts who are ready to GO PRO, working with Nathalie is a MUST! She's simply the best and will make you look (and feel) like a Million bucks!

Shannon Law - 7 Figure Speaker Mentor
Big Impact Live
“Nathalie, you woke me up to a whole new way of looking at my wardrobe. You shook me out of my rut of buying the same ole, same ole and confirmed some ‘hunches’ I had about my hair color and formal wear. And just as important, you made my photo shoot for my new website come together in a way I would’ve never dreamed. Can you move you in and style me everyday?! All I can say is…WOW and THANK YOU!!!” ~ Jeanna Gabellini

My life literally changed from inside out… I am no longer afraid of my beauty and my power. I step confidently on stage with softness and beauty which allows me to own my full impact. Weeeee!!!!” ~ Mai Vu
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get When You Enroll in "Enlightened Beauty" Today…


Join me in the San Francisco Bay area for a dynamic, experience-rich workshop like no other!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll get:

• You’ll discover how to turn on, amplify, and magnify your radiance for a JUCIER life and business!

• You’ll tap into the magic of Feminine Manifestation to bring EASE into every aspect of your life!

• You’ll learn how to claim and embody your feminine power to approach your life journey with grace and self-compassion!

• You’ll delve even more deeply into Color Psychology and learn advanced methods for applying it to your life!

• You'll discover psychological aspects of the 4 seasonal essences and how to use them to understand yourself, your potential clients and family members better.

You’ll have fun and enjoy the company of other passionate, dynamic, confident women in a luxurious, relaxing setting!

Here are the 3 Stages of "Enlightened Beauty"
Stage 1: Inner Beauty, Power, Confidence and Radiance

Because beauty, power and confidence start within, day 1 you will learn how to:

~ Fall in love with yourself deeper than you ever have before

~ Let go of false and negative beliefs which have held you back long enough from shining as bright as possible

~ Discover my "Beauty Switch" and how to turn it on at will and in any circumstances so you can radiate and glow brightly no matter where you are!

~ Learn the Art of "Positioning Yourself For Success" so you can be seen as the credible expert you are the minute you step up on stage and have people trust you with their hard earned money...

~ Learn to be approachable enough that people feel drawn to you without losing credibility
Stage 2: Outer Beauty

On this day, you will learn the best ways to adorn your Beauty (Body) Temple...

~ Understand the A - F scale and discover exactly where you fall on it for maximum impact

~ Learn my Magnetic Image Formula and how to implement each aspect of it successfully

~ Discover your body type and how to adorn yourself in the most flattering way for your silhouette


~ Learn the 8 Principles of your very own Design Blueprint

~ Learn how to choose print patterns, types of fabrics and styles successfully. No more guess work!
Stage 3: Integration

On this day, it's about putting it all together. You will discover...

~ Your style words (these are powerful adjectives which represent various aspects of your essence, which we want to energize and heighten).

~ Which color combinations are best for you based on your personal colors.

~ My Fool-proof Outfit Creation Formula for each psychological effect you desire to have on your audience.

~ You will learn how to put fantastic outfits together which make you look amazing & yield the results you want.

~ And much more...

Come relax and be pampered, honored, and celebrated at my exclusive LIVE event!

The Enlightened Beauty experience happens twice a year in the San Francisco Bay Area. You will be able to choose your dates after you register.

"Nathalie, you are an answer to a prayer I didn’t even know I had… I was afraid to be seen… I never felt at home in my body, until I got this work done. I feel beautiful for the first time in my life, and that has psychological ramifications. I started feeling safe, and thinking: wow, this is me, I am ok, I am enough just the way I am. And also, now, I feel sexy for the first time in my life." ~ Judy Cohen

During the last time I ran this program, one of my clients was saying how she hated shopping because she never felt quite confident in her choices, or never felt 100% satisfied with what she brought home. She was frustrated with spending money on items she would wear only a few times and was TIRED of it!!!

She went through my program, then, I get this email from her…

“Dear Nathalie, I am still floating with excitement at how great I look in the new outfits you helped me select!  It is so incredibly amazing.  For the first time, I really feel like "me" in clothes.  You are a miracle worker!!   My boyfriend almost cried because I looked so confident and "put together."  We are going on a "date night" this weekend to celebrate the new me!  :) 

You have a phenomenal talent that I am so grateful to have benefited from.”

And then 6 months later, I receive this email from her:  
“I can't believe it, but I actually ENJOY shopping now!  I've been several times during the winter months, and I bought some beautiful items (even a leopard print top!) -- all because of your excellent help and instruction.  I can't wait to show them to you. I'm so thankful that I've found you!”  ~ Robin S.

Bonus #1: One Complimentary Ticket for a Friend To The “Enlightened Beauty Live Experience”

Bonus #2: “Stand In Your Value and Express Yourself with Confidence in Any Situation!”

This 20-minute video was created by Alex Iglecia, M.A. Alex is a yoga instructor, and has 18 years of experience transforming the lives of others. You’ll find out how to exude confidence on the stage, one-on-one with clients, and in your everyday personal life. Alex created this resource just for YOU – it’s not available anywhere else!

Bonus #3: The Enlightened Beauty Home Learning System

I’ve set up this course as eight easy to follow webinars that provide you with the tools and strategies you need to claim your own magnificent power… and step by step guidance to allow you to quickly and easily implement what you’ve learned! All the webinars are pre-recorded and accessible immediately in the members' area once you register.

Module 1 – RELEASE: You’ll discover two powerful technologies that allow you to quickly clear out old thinking patterns… eliminating self-criticism and self-judgment. You’ll also tap into a simple, quick process to RE-IGNITE your enthusiasm and fill every day with radiance and power! The freedom and liberation you’ll experience in this module alone is well worth the time you’ll spend enjoying the course!

Module 2 – REPOSITION: You’ll find out how to reposition yourself for optimal success… to RECLAIM your rightful throne as Queen of YOUR life. Discover how to re-ignite your power center! You’ll find out where you are on the A – F scale and use this information to your advantage and effortlessly attract the right people to you!

Module 3 – REDESIGN: You’ll learn exactly to create your brand-new look… even if you’ve been stuck in your old style for years! You’ll discover the 8 Principles of Design and how they apply to you and your wardrobe!

Module 4 – REDEFINE: You’ll discover how to redefine your unique, authentic style. This module gives you in-depth knowledge of the 7 Most Common Styles and the 4 Seasonal Essences… and the understanding of how to integrate them into your outfits for powerful results!

Module 5 – RE-COLOR: You’ll find out how to re-color your world by understanding the psychology of color and learning exactly how to use color in your wardrobe to make a dynamic impact!

Module 6 – RE-ALIGN: You’ll get my Magnetic Image Formula and learn how to apply it to create outfits that are flattering, beautiful, and aligned with your unique personal style!

Module 7 – RE-ORGANIZE: You’ll discover how to easily re-organize your wardrobe to save time and effort… PLUS, you’ll learn how to go “light and efficient” when choosing and packing outfits for travel!

Module 8 – GRADUATION: I can’t tell you about this module (it’s a surprise!)… but I promise you it will be life-changing!

In all, you’re getting more than 10 hours of empowering, confidence building instruction that will change the way you look at yourself and maximize your impact wherever you go! Each module is about 75-90 minutes long, so you can easily fit the incredible information into your week!

Bonus #4: Enlightened Beauty Sister Support System!

You’ll get Tons of life-changing information when you begin your course today. But I’ve added even more resources to make sure you get the absolute most out of your training. Here’s what you’ll get in the Sister Support System:

• Access to three 60-minute Group Coaching/Q&A calls, so that you can get your questions answered and learn from the answers I provide to other members!

Action checklists, templates and worksheets you can use immediately to quickly apply what you learn during each session!

PRIVATE Facebook group access: Learn, grow, and discuss in an exclusive, safe environment along with other dynamic women who have joined you on your journey of transformation!
Bonus #5: “Ultimate Positioning for Most Impact and Influence!”

Discover the secrets of powerful positioning in this exclusive interview with Adam Urbanski, “Millionaire Marketing Mentor to the World’s Greatest Coaches!” Adam is a business owner and 7-figure earner, and is the BEST in his field! You won’t find this interview anywhere else – Adam was gracious enough to grant me this interview exclusively for the benefit of “Enlightened Beauty” members! 75 minutes of pure content where he shares some of his stealth and powerful secrets on how to position yourself as an expert in any situation.
Okay, Nathalie… I’m Ready to get “Enlightened Beauty”.  But Just One Question… What’s All This Going to Cost Me?

It’s a fair question. And I’ll be up front with you.

The total investment of the program and every single one of the exclusive bonuses I described above, is $2,997.

Now, I realize that’s quite a bit for many people, even though the transformative power of “Enlightened Beauty” is worth much, much more.

So here’s what I’ve done:

I’ve lowered the price to just $1,997 for a very limited time.

I love hearing the wildly positive stories of people who have changed their lives with my system, and I’m willing to temporarily reduce the price to give more women access to the training and bonuses!

You need to hurry, though.

The lower pricing and the payment plan are only good for a limited time.

So click the “Give Me Access Now” button and get your ticket today before it's too late!
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Enlightened Beauty

Live Experience



"Frequently Asked Questions"

Will this information apply to me even though I don't do a lot of public speaking yet?

Absolutely! In fact, it's great if you aren't speaking a lot yet because that way, you'll be truly ready when you do.

Will I have to throw away all my clothes and get a new wardrobe?

Absolutely not! You might get rid of a few items you are SURE need to be let go of, yet otherwise, you'll learn to work with what you have and add a few key pieces to compliment your existing wardrobe.

I'm not at my ideal weight, shouldn't I wait until I lose the weight to come?

No! If you are not at your ideal weight, it's the perfect time to come! You have to get dressed for events now. Learn to make the best of your current situation and learn to love yourself today, as you are, the weight will drop faster that way. And, as you lose the weight, you can tweak things. The principles you will learn work no matter what weight you are at! And what I often hear my clients say after they learn what you're about to learn is: "People have been asking me if I've lost weight. I tell them no, I've simply changed my clothes and it's making me look 10-20 pounds lighter". Who doesn't want that?

Is it really worth the time, energy and investment to come?

Only you can decide that, but given what I know and what past attendees are saying, I can safely say that this will be a life-changing workshop so I HIGHLY recommend you do everything in your power to be there! I know you will feel terrible if you miss it and you see the other Enlightened Beauties rock it and soar and you are left behind. I've been in that position in the past, there is no fun in that!

Is it going to be a pitch fest?

Absolutely not! I am the main speaker and I have one or 2 short surprises for you (but no more than 10 minutes each on the stage).

What is included with my general admission ticket?

Access to all general sessions of the event and all course materials.

What is not included?

Your meals and lodging are not included. But with the VIP Upgrade (see on the next page when you register) you receive 3 meals (delicious and high-quality buffet lunches) plus access to the VIP Enlightened Soirée (there will be some entertainment and dancing as well as Champagne and some delightful and mouth watering treats).

Give Me Access Now

Enlightened Beauty

Live Experience



It’s time to let your beauty SHINE.

Join this powerful community of amazing women leaders and get ready to boost your confidence, wake up your inner sizzle and ignite your outer glow so you start to attract the magic and miracles that your radiance will bring.

I look forward to sharing my best secrets with you during this transformational week-end!

Here’s to your radiance and “Enlightened” success!